Lucid Dreams in 30 Days: The Creative Sleep Program
Keith Harary & Pamela Weintraub

Day by day guide for the exploration of lucid dreaming.

111 p., pbk., 1990, St. Martin's Press

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Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP
Montague Ullman & Stanley Krippner with Alan Vaughan

Presents spontaneous cases, then experimental research into the connection between dreams and telepathic phenomena. A classic. 2nd edition.

264 pp., cloth, 1989, McFarland

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The Variety of Dream Experience: Expanding our Ways of Working with Dreams
Montague Ullman & Claire Limmer (Eds.)

Essays on the aspects of group dream work, how dreams relate to other creative disciplines, and applications for psychology and psychiatry.

347 pp., pbk., 1979, Continuum Publications

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Working with Dreams
Montague Ullman & Nan Zimmerman

Self-understanding, problem solving, and enriched creativity through dream appreciation. Learn how to: remember and record your dreams, discover the meaning of dream imagery, recognize creative, telepathic and warning dreams.

347 pp., pbk., 1979, Jeremy Tarcher

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